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Olymp portfolio consist of weights machines, benches, racks and multistations, dedicated for gyms, sport clubs and other facilities where the combination of perfect biomechanics features and durability is a priority. We do not accept any compromises in terms of trainings performance – that is why our equipment ensures the best movement trajectories and the best workload distributions, thus allowing users to enjoy natural movements while at the same time maximizing muscle engagement and maintaining optimal torque throughout the entire range of motion.

Our equipment is designed to last and is tested carefully to assess its compliance, endurance, tensile stress, deformation, shock and other factors. All these efforts leads to ensure maximum durability and reliability over the time.



Weight machines are the core of Your club. Make sure You make the right choice and discover our famous G-Line series.

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Olymp benches and racks make all the exercises safer and they are perfect solution for every fitness club that values reliable and safe equipment.

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Maximum comfort, safety and finally – almost endless exercise options for the most effective workout.

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Plate loaded equipment

Perfect supplement for every gym. Fuel your facility with Olymp plate loaded equipment to make it more complete and to provide wide range of exercise options for your customers!

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